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alex_rodriguez_guatacaInstagram ist mein Social Network #1. Vor gut einem Jahr lernte ich darüber auch Alex aus Toronto / Canada kennen und wir wurden Freunde.

Alex ist Art Director, Drummer, Vater, undenwirft mit seinem Online-Shop nicht nur coole Black Band Tee’s, sondern unterstützt mit dem Verkauf auch noch einen guten Zweck.

Grund genug seinen Shop auf Shoppingverse zu featuren.


You are an Art Director by day and a drummer by night. You are also the founder of the successful online-shop Guataca Music Wear. Can you tell us a bit more about your shop?

‚Guataca‘ is Venezuelan slang. The word is used to describe musicians who have the ability to “play by ear.” If you have Guataca, making music is something that will come naturally.

Guataca Music Wear staffers are hardcore devotees to the emblematic black band t-shirt. We’re bringing our designs to you as part of our movement to help ensure children across the country have access to music programs at school. It’s simple, music-related t-shirts, designed by music lovers, to help bringing music by to schools.

Inspired by my own struggle to get my own instrument when I started playing drums as a child, Guataca Music Wear was created out of firsthand knowledge of how difficult it is for some families to afford musical instruments for their children.

Hard core devotees to the emblematic black band T-shirt, Guataca offers unique t-shirts designed by music lovers for music lovers.

Guataca is supporting musicounts. What ist the program about and why does it matter to you?

When you purchase a Guataca Music Wear tee, a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to MusiCounts, a Canadian music education charity. MusiCounts’ mission is to insist that all Canadian children, regardless of cultural background or socio-economic circumstances have access to a comprehensive music program through their school.

As a parent, I know that music is an important part of every kid’s education and development, and that’s why I am committed to rock the urban style of our Guataca Music Wear tees to bring music back to schools!

Guataca Music Wear believes that nothing says rock and roll like the legendary black band tee. All of our tees are designed by a local graphic designer; a designer from around the world or a music enthusiast especially for music lovers!

What is your favorite black band tee from your shop?

„I love my guitar“ because the graphic treatment makes it read: „I love (or) pick my guitar“ and „wired“ for its simplicity.

Any plans for exciting shop updates?

Yes, we are working to launch Guataca Baby this summer.

What is the fit of your shirts like and apart from the regular black band tees, do you also plan to sell tanks or even hoodies?

All our t-shirts are 4.3 oz 100% combed ringspun cotton, super soft, lightweight, slim-fit and tag-less. They are not the traditional „square“ promo t-shirt you would get for free at some events, they fit in what we call „European fit“.
Tanks and hoodies are in the plans for the future. Stay tuned.

Ok, now to the most important question… Do you offer international shipping?

We ship anywhere in the world.

What music would you recommend to our readers, that you can’t stop listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’m studying Jamaican rhythms, as part of my formation as a drummer for a rock/reggae band, so I’m listening to a lot of old-school reggae and ska albums. I’ve been listening to a record called „Disco Devil“ which is a mix of Lee „Scratch“ perry and other Jamaican artists.

Do you have a newsletter / facebook page / twitter / Instagram account where I can subscribe to get the latest Guataca updates?

You can get more updates following us on Instagram @alexguataca, on our Facebook page, and also we have a cool twitter account where we post all kind of information and reviews about music, instruments and gadgets.

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